Video Tutorial: How to Hide Zero Values in Excel 2010

In this video tutorial, I show you two ways to hide zero values in Excel 2010. In my example, I have a worksheet with formulas to add two amounts that I will be adding to throughout the year. Since I don’t want the zeros to appear in my worksheet, I try two different methods to hide them.

The first is by using Advanced Excel Options (File – Options – Advanced – Display Options for this Worksheet) and un-checking the “Show a zero in cells that have zero value” box.

The second method is by selecting the part or all of the worksheet to apply the formatting to and using Conditional Formatting (Home – Conditional Formatting – Highlight Cells Rules – Equal To) and formatting cells that are equal to 0 with custom formatting. In custom formatting, I change the font color to white. This changes all zero values to white so they are hidden from view and from printing.

This video was created using Cam Studio (http://camstudio.org).


My New Book: Everything I’ve Learned About Facebook

I’m very excited to announce my newest book:

Everything I’ve Learned About Facebook: A complete guide on how to create, strategize, manage and promote your Facebook page to increase customer base and brand awareness for any size business

I’ve compiled everything I’ve learned about Facebook and put it into a complete guide on learning the bare-bones basics of  what social media is to creating marketing strategies for your page. Some of the content is similar to what I’ve written in my blog posts, but I go far more in-depth and have combined my knowledge into one resource.

Here’s what I cover in my book:

  1. What is Facebook?
    1. The Basics
    2. How Does Facebook Work?
    3. Why do People Share so Much Information?
    4. How do Businesses Fit into Social Media?
  2. Why Does Facebook Matter?
    1. Statistics
  3. How to Create a Business Facebook Page
    1. Pages vs Profiles
    2. Getting Started
    3. Basic Setup Instructions
  4. Making Your Page Look Great with Profile & Cover Images
    1. Profile Images
    2. Cover Images
    3. Tab Images
    4. Image Dimensions
  5. What to Post on Your Business Facebook Page
    1. How Often Should I Post on my Facebook Page?
    2. What Should I Post on my Facebook Page?
    3. So what’s the Most Engaging Stuff to Post on my Facebook Page?
    4. Where Can I Find Content for my Facebook Page?
    5. What About Posting Business/Promotional Content?
    6. Setting up a Posting Schedule
  6. Engaging with Fans
    1. Negative Comments & Reviews
  7. Facebook Contests & Sweepstakes
    1. Things to Keep in Mind
    2. Contest/Sweepstakes Services
  8. How to Schedule Facebook Posts
    1. Manage Your Facebook Page in Minutes a Week Using the Scheduling Tool
  9. Growing Your Fan Base Organically
    1. Ideas to Organically Grow Your Fan Base
  10. Growing Your Fan Base with Facebook Ads
    1. Types of Facebook Ad Results
    2. The Planning Phase
    3. Creating Facebook Ads
    4. Managing Ad Campaigns
    5. Keeping Ads Fresh
  11. 4 Reasons Why You Should Never Buy Likes for Your Facebook Page
  12. Measuring Your Success
    1. What Should I Include In My Social Media Report?

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Thank you for all your support along my journey—if it weren’t for readers like you, I wouldn’t have a reason to write.

Video Tutorial: How to Use the Left & Upper Functions in Microsoft Excel

This video tutorial demonstrates how to use the LEFT and UPPER functions in excel.

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In this example, we have a fictional address list in which part of the data is in all caps and the rest is in sentence case. Additionally, some zip codes have the additional 4 digits and for this example, we only want to use 5-digit zip codes.

We use the UPPER function to change all the text to uppercase and the LEFT function to choose only the first 5 digits of the zip code. Also shown is paste values.

Video recorded using Cam Studio (www.camstudio.org)

Also be sure to check out my additional video tutorials on my YouTube channel.

Thanks for watching, I hope this was helpful to you!

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Video Tutorial: How to Create a Drop Down List in Excel Using Data Validation

This tutorial demonstrates how to create a drown-down list in Excel using data validation.

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In this video, we are creating a simple HR employee hire form and limiting the user to selecting numeric months and years from a drop-down list on a separate tab. The tab can be hidden from the workbook once the form is complete so the user cannot alter the data.

The tutorial was done in Microsoft Excel 2010, but the function will be similar in previous versions.

Video was made using Cam Studio (http://camstudio.org).

Learn Everything There is to Know About Microsoft Excel

Video Tutorial: How to use the vlookup function in Excel

Here’s a video tutorial I created to demonstrate how to use the vlookup function in Excel.  Excel 2010 was used, however this function works very similarly in most versions of Excel.

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The vlookup function allows a user to find data that matches a field in a spreadsheet. In this example, we look up fictional employee numbers based upon employee first and last name.

Also shown is two ways to copy the formula to several other cells by dragging or copy and pasting.

Video created using Cam Studio (http://camstudio.org)

Learn Everything There is to Know About Microsoft Excel